Do you know which online activity can bring the students of The Hague together?

Win € 5,000 to realize your idea!

Do you miss hanging out with your friends? Are you ready for some fun and action? Then join this competition! Come up with thé online activity that will connect the students of The Hague. If you win, you will receive € 5,000 to implement your idea.
Because of the current Covid-19 measures, there will be little to do in the coming weeks. Meeting up with others is difficult and physical lectures are mostly cancelled. Parties are no longer possible and being inside most of the time… is quite challenging! 

We all know what’s not possible, but what is still possible? Do you, or someone that you know, have an idea for an online activity to connect students in The Hague? Submit your idea via this page no later than December 9 and maybe you’ll get the chance to realize it!

Anyone can participate

Create to Connect is a competition for the people of The Hague who want to make a difference for students. Anyone can participate. Are you a student, teacher, entrepreneur or creative? We challenge you! Show what you have in store: describe your idea on one (1) page and upload your plan below. Take this unique opportunity to get your hands on € 5,000 to realize your online activity for all students in The Hague!

These are the competition rules and guidelines:

  • Your online activity targets all students in The Hague.
  • Your idea is executed online, there are no physical participants.
  • The project must be feasible within three weeks, costs no more than € 5,000 and meets the national and regional coronavirus measures.
  • Your activity attracts the target group; the idea is repeatable for groups of students or reaches a large group of students in one go.
  • You have submitted your idea via this page no later than Wednesday the 9th of December 2020.
  • You write your pitch on 1 A4 page, in which you include an estimation of the costs of your activity. 

Will your online activity connect the students of The Hague at this time?

The jury...

… consists of 10 students. Your idea will be assessed on creativity, content and feasibility. The online activity is intended to entertain and connect students in The Hague. You can earn points per section, the jury will select the three best ideas. Afterwards, a small group of specialists will look at the feasibility. Then, the winner will be chosen!

The winner…

… will receive € 5.000 and the unique opportunity to execute their idea for the students of The Hague. This budget is made available by the municipality of The Hague and can only be used for the costs of the online activity (e.g. hiring other parties, promotional purposes and working hours). You don't have to do it all by yourself: to make your idea a success, you will receive advice from a specialist from Study in The Hague and the municipality of The Hague. 

The outcome…

… will be announced on Friday the 11th of December. Have you won the competition? Make sure you are available on the 14th and 15th of December for the kickstart of your plan so it can be realized as soon as possible. 


You can upload your plan here. Describe your online activity, including a cost overview, on 1 page (A4 format). Do you any have questions? Feel free to use the form for those as well!  
You can submit your idea up to and including Wednesday the 9th of December 2020. The winner will be announced on Friday the 11th of December


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The Hague against corona

By setting a good example, you help fight against the corona virus. Make sure you don't get infected. And make sure you don't infect others. How? By keeping to the measures. Then the rest will follow automatically. That is what you do! Consult this website for more information: