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This was the HI The Hague introduction week 2023! For university, university of applied sciences (hbo) and vocational college (mbo) students. Active, sporty and party; the summer program of student committee HI The Hague is the time for students to discover the city, meet each other and have fun. Did you join? If not, maybe see you next year!

Summer program HI The Hague 2023

Last year we enjoyed the sun on a boat tour, discovered the city by bike and partied on the beach. This year we’re back, better than ever, with an amazing summer program!


Monday 28 August: The Great Student Chase
Monday 28 August: Opening Party
Tuesday 29 August: Student Boat Tour
Tuesday 29 August: Movie Quiz
Wednesday 30 August: Association Pub Crawl
Thursday 31 August: Beercantus Sing-A-Long
Friday 1 September: Yoga & Surfing lesson
Friday 1 September: Closing Party @ Scheveningen
Saturday 2 September: Club Hopping

What is HI The Hague?

HI The Hague is the citywide introduction period for all students in The Hague, organized for and by students in cooperation with various educational institutions, student (sport) organizations and the municipality of The Hague. In 2022, more than 4,500 students participated in one of the 15 HI The Hague activities. This year we will make something great again! This is the program to make friends, get to know the city and start your studies in a unique way.

Language & age requirements 

All HI The Hague Events are available to both Dutch-speaking and International students. The language of our events is English, but there are always Dutch- speaking chaperones (students) present. There is only one event with an age restriction, this is the Clubhopping party on Saturday 2 September 2023 (18+). All other events are available to any student (with a ticket). Disclaimer: drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is prohibited during all HI The Hague events and participation in the event is at your own expense and risk. In the event of damage or liability, Dutch law applies.

HI! Are you studying in The Hague?

Then you probably want to know that the city has to offer you as a student. HI The Hague helps you discover the student spots in the city. Experience student introductory parties, festivals, music, art, theatre, film, drinks and eating together. But also language, sports and health. Fun and serious!

Discover it here

Stay tuned to see what fun activities HI The Hague offers students. You will find them on this website. And check our Instagram for the latest updates and photo’s! Of course you can also find the information in the student app Studar.

About HI The Hague

The educational institutes and municipality of The Hague work together to make The Hague a more and more fun student city. They do this by organizing all kinds of fun - and if possible: free - activities for students. For example the introduction festival and the DJ contest!