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Filmhuis Den Haag

Film grinds, film pops, film sighs, film clicks, and Filmhuis Den Haag lets you hear it. In an in-depth program of talks, podcasts, playlists, exhibitions and more, you open your eyes to intimate piano playing, melancholic strings, rousing sitar... or nothing at all. New sounds, familiar sounds, counter-noises – The Sound of Cinema lets them resound. Listen in and you'll see more!

Filmhuis Den Haag is all about the love for film. It is a cultural meeting place that brings people and cultures together with films that tell stories and invite you to empathize with the other. The Filmhuis does this by showing films, from international classics to contemporary quality cinema, often with side programs. And by making educational programs, developing talent and offering young filmmakers from The Hague a stage. The Filmhuis also has a special collection that tells something about the history of cinema.