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Grote Markt Den Haag

Walk onto the Grote Markt on any given day, and you’ll find hundreds of people relaxing on a large tree-lined square in the heart of The Hague. It’s where you start your day in tranquillity with your first cup of coffee, sit down for a good plate of Thai, American, or plant-based soul food, treat each other to cocktails, and grab a beer after work.

The atmosphere is no-nonsense and informal, and encourages guests to do as they like. The staff of the 6 pubs & restaurants surrounding the square are 1 big family, enabling you to order from any menu regardless of where you’re seated. At night, The Grote Markt is just as lively as during the day, and several times a year the square transforms into a festival site for Popdistrict events. Never want to go home? Stay the night if you like.