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Kunstmuseum Den Haag

The Kunstmuseum is a modern palace of the arts. Step inside this enchanting building, wander through its beautiful daylit galleries and discover that special work of art that touches you personally. You might even leave a little in love. With that extraordinary painting by Monet, that impressive photography exhibition, the adventurous life of Piet Mondrian, the intimate galleries, or the period rooms full of Delftware. A visit to the Kunstmuseum is always a memorable and meaningful experience.

With 160,000 works of art, the Kunstmuseum is one of Europe’s biggest art museums. It has a leading collection of modern and contemporary art, fashion and decorative arts. It is also the international home of Piet Mondrian, with no fewer than 300 works by the famous Dutch artist in its collection. This is the only museum where Mondrian’s life and progress towards abstract art unfold before your eyes, surrounded by illustrious predecessors and contemporaries like Monet, Picasso and Kandinsky, and successors like Sol Lewitt, Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois.

Our leading international art collection is housed in one of the most important items in our collection: H.P. Berlage’s magnificent Art Deco building. An ode to beauty, the building shows the art to its very best advantage and ensures visitors feel at home. Daylight floods the intimate side galleries, wonderful hallways and impressive entrance hall, and the entire building has an air of quality and luxury. From the bronzed brass to the marble flooring, from the fabulous decorative brickwork to the richly-coloured tiling: the Kunstmuseum is literally a work of art for the arts.

This unique combination of architecture, art and beauty makes a visit to the Kunstmuseum a unique experience. It is an experience we are keen to share with as many people as possible, through our innovative exhibitions, museum lessons and special projects involving the people of The Hague; through our Wonderkamers, our beautiful children’s books and concerts; through the new additions to our collection that represent the very best in art; and through unique collaborations with non-profits and companies.

Why not come and share this experience too? Whether in a moment of recognition, amazement, reflection or inspiration, a moment of contemplation or of joy, a memory or a vision of the future: the Kunstmuseum will help you discover what art means to you.