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Royal Conservatoire

The Royal Conservatoire was founded in 1826. From the day of its foundation, the connection between innovation and tradition has been a core value of the institute. Innovation can only arise from tradition. Innovation is not something you just do. You establish reasoned relationships between the classical view and the new idea. Tried-and-tested conventions are of course cherished, but they also often form the starting point for the urge to innovate. Every day we work with all our employees and students to create the right climate in which both tradition and innovation are given space.

Studying at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague means studying at the oldest conservatory in the Netherlands. It means studying at a music and dance institute where experiment and innovation go together with tradition and craft. You will find yourself in an inspiring learning environment where top international musicians and (former) top dancers teach. Once graduated, you do not only master the technical skills; you have also developed an inquisitive attitude and a lifelong curiosity, befitting a musician or dancer at the highest level.