PAARD X Filmhuis: David Byrne's American Utopia & Global Charming (cancelled)

Movie & music | € 0,- | De Besturing | November 27, 2021 | 18.30/19.30 | free entry | show your valid QR code + ID | CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA MEASURES

PAARD and Filmhuis Den Haag are organizing an evening with film and music: FiPa-night!

After the screening of 'American Utopia' with David Byrne (Spike Lee, 2020), the Amsterdam post-punk band Global Charming will perform like there’s no tomorrow. And all this in the building with probably the richest cultural history of the Binckhorst: De Besturing!

Movie: David Byrne's American Utopia

Director Spike Lee documents former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne's brilliant and timeless 2019 Broadway show, based on his most recent album and tour of the same name. David Byrne's exuberant and intriguing concert American Utopia lit up Broadway last year with Byrne's signature, rhythmic and inspiring songs. Working with a vibrant new band and dancers from around the world, he transformed his music into an antidote to polarization in America and around the world. Spike Lee brought the extraordinary play to the big screen as a call to connect, fight inequality and, above all, celebrate life. David Byrne's American Utopia calls on us all to think, connect and dance along. The musical masterpiece is thought provoking and gives us exactly what we need today.

Music: PAARD programs the band Global Charming

The Amsterdam band released their debut album Mediocre, Brutal last year via Subroutine Records. The band, which describes its music as post-punk, is here and there associated with Talking Heads and does not seem averse to a touch of new wave. The four 'explore the monotony of everyday life' and 'dissipate the banality of everyday life', according to their own words on social media.