De Bastaard of Het Zuidelijk Toneel (Dutch)

Theatre | € 10,- | Theater aan het Spui| November 23, 2021 | 19.30 | Dutch spoken | buy your ticket with student discount | show your valid QR code + ID

Rhythmic, sharp in language, penetrating, sincere and does not leave you untouched; that is De Bastaard (The Bastard) of Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Grab this student discount and go see it.


“I'm a bastard, a half-breed, a garbage can race. My X chromosome comes from the Flemish Kempen clay, my Y chromosome from the loose Atlas sand.” Speaking is Rashif El Kaoui. Together with Ahmet Polat, they reconstruct the route of Rashif's father, who traveled from Morocco to Belgium and eventually died in the south of France. Because maybe you didn't know it yet, but in the end we are all bastards. The performance is a ritual, an attempt to find its own place in our time.

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