Kunstmuseum: looking at art differently

Art | € 0,- when you show your student card| Kunstmuseum Den Haag | from November 20 to November 28, 2021 | show your valid QR code + ID

Thé museum of modern art in the Netherlands is located right here: in The Hague. Take this opportunity to visit this famous museum for free!

The museum ís a work of art

With 160,000 works of art, Kunstmuseum is one of Europe's largest art museums. Step inside an enchanting building, wander through beautiful daylight halls and discover the world-famous works of art in the collection.

A must-see this autumn: the Global Wardrobe exhibition. This latest fashion collection shows the connection between different cultures. Kunstmuseum invites you to look beyond the beauty, and see the clothes as part of the world history they represent.

Mindful through the museum

Another tip: the Mindfulness audio tour. This is a new way to experience the Kunstmuseum. This audio tour (one hour) is not about knowledge about dates, artists, architectural facts or art movements. It is purely about what you experience and feel as a visitor, wandering through the building and zooming in on a number of works of art that you choose yourself. Sounds relaxing and exiting at the same time, right?! Download the app of Kunstmuseum Den Haag to start the audio tour!