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The Grey Space in The Middle

The Grey Space in the Middle (or, The Grey Space) is a project and presentation space for fundamental creativity, music and performance venue and cafe. The Grey Space is a space for fundamental creativity where radical relations emerge between people, art, digital culture, science, technology, philosophy and food.

It is a permanent festival, a project and presentation space, an art, music and performance venue, a nightclub and a cafe with a kitchen, bar and outdoor terrace in The Hague. Our vision originates from the desire to be a space for fundamental creativity. Referring with this term to the basic attitude that is required to create space and –through thinking and doing– achieve innovation. We believe that makers, scientists and thinkers find each other in a shared wonder about the world around them. The meeting between these different domains is most fertile when ideas are still ‘fluid’, when ideas are still being formed.

Driven by the idea that major issues in the world find common ground in the relationships between people, we program with the perspective of radical relationism. We facilitate and curate encounters between makers and thinkers with backgrounds in different domains. With diverse perspectives as a starting point, we actively search for possible connections and expose them publicly.

Within our programs we explicitly strive for anti-disciplinairity; the space that exists between the hermetic disciplines and program-formats. A symposium on the ground floor effortlessly transitions into a performance in the basement or a listening session at the bar, an exhibition and film screening go hand in hand and is is fluidly transformed to a sensory dinner or a theater performance. However diverse, the different program domains are complementary with a major role for the experience of the audience.