Student organisations

In The Hague there is a variety of clubs where students can take part in sports, culture or music. Some clubs fall under one educational institution, while others are open to all students living or studying in The Hague. Ask at your university for a list of student associations that fall under your institution.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

ESN is one of the biggest student bodies in Europe. It supports international students and develops cultural understanding via 343 higher education institutions in 33 countries.
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Haagsche Studenten Vereniging (HSV)

HSV is a social group for students from The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. Besides social activities and seasonal parties, HSV organizes lectures on various topics.
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H.S.C. INTAC from Zwijndregt

INTAC is a social organisation for all students in The Hague. INTAC organizes many activities including hockey, a yearly gala, sailing trips, skiing and many parties.
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Mashriq SV

This is a club for students interested in Indian and Pakistani culture and the Islamic religion.
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H.S.R.V. Pelargos

A rowing club for students located behind The Hague University of Applied Sciences
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HSSO Valerius Orchestra

The HSSO Valerius Orchestra is the youngest orchestra in The Hague. Rehearsals take place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and students from any institution are welcome.
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The Hague Model United Nations Society

This is a student organization founded by and for international students in the field of United Nations debating. It aims at deepening the knowledge of students in the work of the United Nations and its organs, their methods
of functioning and decision making by discussing important and current issues on the international plane. It supports and encourages participation of its members in international Model United Nations Conferences. The Society is granted with legal personality under Dutch Law due to its affiliation with the Bynkershoek Institute.

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The Hague Student Union

The Student Union for students of The Hague. 
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Team HHS Race of the classics

The student organization forming the sailing team of the Hague University. The team participates in a yearly race to the United Kingdom with universities from all over the Netherlands.
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Navigators Student Association

Navigators Student Association The Hague is the largest Christian student association in The Hague where cosiness, Christianity and studentism are central.
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Interaccess is a social organisation for and run by international students in The Hague. It aims to improve contact between international students and other students in The Hague, by organising speakers, presentations, festivals and debates. Weekend activities include bicycle trips, poker tournaments and parties.

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SBC The Hague

The Student Basketball Club for students in The Hague.

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Young European Federalists (YEF)

YEF is an European youth organisation with more than 30.000 members across more than 30 countries,
and brings young Europeans together to build a federal Europe. Our local branch is: YEF The Hague
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We are an international non-profit organization that bring together students, academics and business leaders committed to use the power of social entrepreneurship to shape a more sustainable world and development of our community.
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