International students

Residence permit and visa

When you arrive in the Netherlands you must register as a resident at your local city office. Prospective students from certain countries also need to apply for a residence permit. It is worth checking with your university’s international office what rules apply and whether they can arrange required documents on your behalf through a fast-track procedure.

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Travelling abroad

Students needing an MVV entry visa and residence permit are advised to contact their country’s consulate or embassy to find out which papers they need.

While travelling around the Netherlands students must carry their passport and residence permit at all times for ID. Residence permits and visas must be valid for at least two months after your trip.


All residents in the Netherlands must take out medical insurance. A liability insurance is recommended.

Depending on whether you study, work and/or do a paid internship you will need a different type of healthcare insurance. Students working part-time may want to weigh up the cost of insurance against potential earnings to see if working is worthwhile.

Foreign students may be eligible for a health care allowance (zorgtoeslag). Ask the university’s international office for more information.

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