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About Platform Student & Stad

Platform Student & Stad is a collaboration between all higher education institutions in The Hague, the Municipality of The Hague and student organisations. In a rapidly developing young student city, we work together to optimize the facilities of the student climate in The Hague for all students in The Hague. Our focus: students make the city, study healthy & well (student welfare) and 'at home in The Hague as a student city'.


The real work happens in theme teams and student committees. Around the topic student life in The Hague, students, student organisations and professionals work together on concrete goals in the field of student sports, student housing, student welfare and marketing and communication. In addition, there are the student committees HI The Hague, Studar and Student Sports Board The Hague – for and by students. The platform is recognized and supported at all levels, from administrators and aldermen to students in The Hague.

Dynamic network structure

Teams work (temporarily or permanently) within a dynamic network structure on a needs-driven basis on current and urgent, city-wide themes or activities that are the result of the development of The Hague into a fully-fledged student city. Where possible, the teams and student committees work together with other parties from The Hague. In addition to the partners, these can also be cultural institutions and entrepreneurs, for example.

Hub & sparring partner for the city

Student & Stad wants to be the recognizable and self-evident point of contact for The Hague as a student city, also for parties other than the primary partners. As the eyes and ears of the city when it comes to city-wide student affairs, we are aware of the needs of students and stakeholders, and we take action where appropriate. Student & Stad is a hub and sparring partner, where people and organizations find each other and work together to optimize the student climate in The Hague.


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