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DJ Mun Oz

"I started playing music at family parties from the age of six. Because of my Latin background, this happened regularly. I did this with two radios and several CDs or cassette tapes. At the age of 18 I got my first job as a DJ in a Latin club where I first played for an unknown audience. That stopped for a while due to corona. After the lockdowns in October/November 2021 I started playing in Amsterdam and then things sped up. I was booked every weekend at different clubs, including Club Noir, BLEND Bar, BLEND XL, H7 Warehouse, Rare Club, Bar Rouge, Brazilian Roots, Cafe Saõ Paulo, Club Jungle and Paradiso. In The Hague I performed in Magistrat, ElEscondite, Hudson Bay, Rumbatela, The Brunt and Bar Da Rosa"

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