Mental health care

Getting help

If you need mental health support, there are various professionals who may be able to help you. The first step should be to go see your GP; he or she will be familiar with your situation and will help you find the treatment that is most suited for you. Your GP will also need to provide you with a referral letter to a psychologist or psychiatrist in order for insurance to cover your treatment. Read more about Dutch mental health and costs

Mental care at your university

All educational institutes offer (study related) mental care. Every university has a special confidant you can talk to and most have their own psychologists, courses and trainings. If you feel you need help on any of the issues below, please talk to your dean, teacher or mentor, enquire at your international office and look at the intranet to find out about possible (often free) services.

  • study stress, prestation pressure or burn-out syndromes,
  • depression,
  • loneliness or homesickness,
  • addiction (alcohol, drugs, gaming, etc.),
  • violence or abuse (sexual or unsafety) and
  • money problems.