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Opening Party with student associations

Monday 28 August 2023 | 20.00 - 02.00 | Haagsche Studenten Vereeniging | €5,- | Tickets
Included in ticket: entrance to location + 1 consumption per person

Join the kick-off of this introduction week together with all the partnering student organizations of HI The Hague! HI The Hague is organized in collaboration with over 15 different Dutch and International student-, sports- and study associations. Now, as a first-year student you can join them at the opening party of the summer program! The party will be a balanced mix between music, games, and some socializing. 

One of the activities, for instance, is bingo. Each association offers a small challenge. If you are able to complete a challenge you receive a sticker of that association on your shirt. Try and collect as many as you can, the winner gets a prize! Additionally, there will be two rounds of bingo during which you will have to try and fill your bingo cards by talking to new people. For example, if you have ‘owns a dog’ on your card and you find the person, you can cross it off. The winner of this game also wins a prize. We conclude the evening with music and a toast to the opening of HI The Hague 2023!

Would you like to have a beer or a glass of wine? Bring your ID-card with you (alcohol = 18+).