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The HI The Hague committee

We are HI The Hague! Our team is happy to organize events for our fellow students in The Hague – for you. From the Introduction Program in August/September to the Winter Program at the end of the calendar year. We want you to feel at home in your (new) student city. Our team works throughout the year on the preparations for the Hague's official citywide intro program! 

The committee consists of five members, both Dutch and international. As we are the target group ourselves, we know what students like and need. We want to share the best places in our budding student city with you. However, we also know that tastes differ, which is why we make our events as diverse as possible. Not only to further discover the city, but also to get to know your fellow students – from all educational institutions in The Hague – better. 

Louis Cumberbatch has served as Chairman since 2022. “I am very glad that I chose The Hague to study. There is a lot to do in the city and there are great student associations and student sports associations that you can join. That is why I like to help other students find their favourite places in this great city. It's got so much potential and I'm delighted to do my bit to help unlock it!”

Come to our events and feel Home In The Hague as soon as possible!

Louis, Siebren, Dory, Norma and Lili

Scroll down to read our personal introductions!

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We are team HI The Hague

Louis Cumberbatch
Hey, I’m Louis and I’m back as Chair of The HI The Hague Commission. I am from France and Barbados, but I grew up in The UK. Over the last couple of years, HI The Hague has put on some fantastic events for students in the city and I’m really excited to carry this on with the great new team we have this year!
In my free time, I love to play golf and ride horses as well as being with my friends in my association. I’m excited to work with our partners in the city, the associations and anyone else who can join us in realising our goals. Keep watching to see our progress in the programs this year and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the summer!

Fun fact: My favourite TV show is Curb Your Enthusiasm; Larry David is very relatable.

Lili Szabo
Hi, I’m Lili. I’m from Hungary and I’m studying International Communication Management at THUAS. In my free time I love cooking, try out new coffee places, go to the gym or go out with my friends.
I’m so happy that I can be the new promotion manager of the team and I’m looking forward to creating a lot of exciting content for our social media channel.

Fun fact: I love dancing and I’d love to learn how to dance Salsa or Bachata.

Norma Marcec
Hi, I am Norma, and I am 20 years old. I am from Croatia, and aside from studying at Leiden University, I am the secretary of HI The Hague. I love spending my spare time with my friends or doing some sport activities in the open. I am excited for the summer program to see new friendships evolve and people having fun!

A fun fact about me: I love trying out weird food, and one of the strangest foods I tried was a fried scorpion on a stick (it wasn’t bad at all).

Siebren Naber
Hi, I’m Siebren. I am from The Netherlands, and this will be my second year on the HI The Hague team. We have done our best to create a fun program for everyone. I am super excited to have you at one of our unique events and hope to see you soon!

Fun fact: I recently started playing golf and am really enjoying it.

Daryna Oliinyk
Hi! Im Daryna, I came to the Hague from Ukraine to be a student in this amazing city. I'm the event manager on the commission, my major in university is International Communication & Management, which is really connected with what I'm doing in HI the Hague.

Random facts: I'm an art person, really love shrimps and of course Ukrainian cuisine, I'm 20 (oh my god!!), my favorite series – Naruto.