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Student podast: Next Path

Are you a new student in The Hague or are you thinking about studying in The Hague? International students Bárbara and Laura talk about topics that can help you get settled more quickly! They talk about their own experiences and ask student guests how they study and live in The Hague.

About Next Path

"We create the podcast because we love to meet new people and share our stories. Knowing that our experiences can have positive impact on others, educate and support or simply make them smile is more that we could ever ask for. We want to create a safe space for anybody. Our podcast is mostly focused on international students in The Hague, but it also provides content simply entertaining. We want people to lean back, relax and feel that they can have friends in us.

If you have questions or want to be a guest: we are very open to hear from you via our individual instagrams! @Grzelaklaura and @barbara.pbento.


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About the hosts: Laura and Bárbara

My name is Laura and I come from Poland. I am a person full of passion, energy and motivation. I love dancing, traveling, recording videos and being in front of the camera. Additionally, I am a big fan of extreme sports. I love the adrenaline, new challenges and breaking by own boundaries. I study International Creative Business at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. In 2021 I came to The Hague with no expectations and I am happy I did that because this city surprised me a lot. The dunes are the most adorable and majestic place I have ever seen. While seeing occupied beach, the dunes were perfect place to relax with friends in our own company. On top being on the pier during the sunset - just makes you happy.

I’m Bárbara and I am from Portugal. I came to the Netherlands in 2020 to study music but I fell in love with the creative business field and that’s when I joined Inholland. In my free time I love to sing, walk with my dog and of course listen to podcasts :)