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When coming to the Netherlands

Every student who stays in The Netherlands for more than 90 days will need a residence permit, a Citizen Service Number (BSN) and has to register at the municipality of The Hague (when you study in The Hague). You need these documents for example to open a bank account and to take out a health insurance policy.

When coming to the Netherlands, this is the order to arrange your documents:

  1. Residence permit and/or visa, your educational institution can help you with this (see below).
  2. Proof of address in The Hague by having found a short-term or long-term accommodation. Please make sure you rent accommodation where you can register. Otherwise you cannot get your BSN. 
  3. Register at the municipality to get you Citizen Registration Number (BSN).
  4. Open a Dutch bank account.
  5. Get health insurance.
  6. Register with a general practioner
  7. Get a Dutch phone plan.

Visa and residence permit

After being accepted for you studies, your educational institution can help you apply for a visa and/or residence permit. Reach out to the international office of:

Read more about registration for international students.

Register at the municipality of The Hague and Citizen Service Number (BSN)

The municipality organises centralised registration days in The Hague City Hall. During these registration days, international students can get registered to get a citizen service number (BSN). You do not have to make a separate appointment at the municipality for this. Your education institute will inform you about your appointment. Note: you need a proof of address in The Hague to be able to register. After registration you will receive your BSN in two weeks. If you will live outside of The Hague, you will need to contact the municipality you will live in for a registration appointment. 

Read more about registering at the Municipality of The Hague