When coming to the Netherlands

1. Register at the municipality of The Hague, Residence Permit & Citizen Service Number (BSN) 

Every student who stays in The Netherlands for more than 90 days will need a residence permit, a Citizen Service Number (BSN) and has to register at the municipality of The Hague (when you study in The Hague).

You need these documents for example to open a bank account and to take out a health insurance policy.

2. Checks before coming to the Netherlands

This short checklist may help you pack for your new adventure.
Take this with you:

  • Passport (make sure it is valid) or in some cases your birth certificate
  • Your entry visa or resident permit
  • Diplomas of certificates you already possess (make a copy and leave the originals at home)
  • Official letter from your host institution (stating that you have been accepted)
  • Insurance papers – healthcare, liability etc.
  • Driver’s license – make sure that it’s valid for the duration of your stay abroad
  • Housing contract (if you have already arranged for a place to stay)
  • Money (preferably euro’s, enough to help you through the first days) and/or a credit card
  • Tools like phone, laptop, camera + chargers!
  • Summer and winter clothes
  • Medicine: make sure to bring your medication with you if you cannot go without them. But be aware that not all medicines or medical herbs are allowed
  • Important phone numbers: emergency numbers, contact person from your education institution

3. Checks on arrival in The Hague

When you arrive in the Netherlands, you will face lots of new things, places and people! Now that you have moved to The Hague and (hopefully) found a place to stay, you want to make yourself ‘feel at home’ in The Hague. The Hague International Center also provides information about the basics of living in The Hague. How to find a place to stay? Read more about student housing.