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Beach and coast

The Hague is the only major Dutch city by the sea – it has a beach of eleven kilometers long! So are you in need of a relaxing ocean breeze? Visit the Scheveningen Beach and enjoy the warm sun (in the summer of course) while munching on typical Dutch snacks sold by many snack bars lined up in front of the beach sand. You'll be there in no time: if you take public transport from the city center, you will be breathing the fresh sea air only fifteen minutes later.

To chill and go wild

The coast offers all kinds of attractions, for instance a bowling alley, Sealife, Legoland and various festivals. Or take a walk on the beach, stroll on the new Pier, walk along the boulevard to the Scheveningen harbor. And what about lounging on a terrace at one of the many cafes? If you are a daredevil, visit the Scheveningen Pier and ride the ferris wheel. And, if it's on your bucket list or you just want to experience something crazy, bungee jumping at Scheveningen is also a must!

Beach sports

The beach in The Hague even offers unexpected extras: it is the place for sports such as beach volleyball and kite surfing. With its good waves and relaxed atmosphere it is the best surf spot at the North Sea!

Discover the beach of The Hague.