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How to get around

Public transport in The Hague

The Hague has excellent public transport. The buses and trams run on the basis of a timetable. Most services start early in the morning and stop around midnight. You can use 9292 to easily plan your trip.

To travel by public transport in The Netherlands, you need an OV-chipkaart with a sufficient balance. When getting on the public transportation you scan your OV-chipkaart and when you get off you scan again – the costs of the journey are then deducted from your chip card. You can buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart from ticket machines at stations (look for 'HTM') and at shops such as Albert Heijn, Bruna and Primera. You can load the balance at the HTM service points at the main stations Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag Hollands Spoor.

Are you already on the bus or tram? Then you can buy a two-hour ticket with your mastercard or bank card at the machine or the bus driver. Use this card to check in and check out by scanning it when you get on or off.

Weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions
If you travel regularly, it is cheaper to purchase a weekly, monthly or annual subscription through the HTM (the local public transport company). The price of these tickets is based on the zone in which you travel.

Night buses
On Friday and Saturday nights there also are bus services in the city. The night buses of HTMbuzz depart from the center of The Hague at bus stop ‘Buitenhof’ and run until the early hours to Scheveningen, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Ypenburg and Leidschenveen, Nootdorp and Delft.

Riding a bike

The Netherlands is famous for its biking culture, and it is certainly one of the best ways to get around. Most bikes will cost you € 70,- to € 150,-. Try Facebook Marketplace and Marktplaats to buy your own.

The city has many bicycle paths. And there are guarded bicycle parking places at various locations where you can park your bicycle safely and for free.

Bicycle parking
There are many unguarded bicycle parking places in the center of The Hague. There are also several guarded bicycle parkings in the city and at the beach, which are free of charge.

Rent a bike
If you don’t have a bike but need one for a short period of time, you can rent a bicycle. There are several options to rent, for example the OV-fiets from Dutch Railways and the HTM Fiets. Or check out the Swapfiets: for a fixed monthly rent you always have your 'own' bike and they also give a special student discount!

Use bicycle lighting!
Ensure that you have good bicycle lighting: if you cycle in the dark without lights (front and rear), or without rear and side reflectors, you can get a fine. Another rule is to indicate the direction you are going when turning left or right as cyclist, by pointing out the direction using your hand. Also make sure you have a good lock for the bicycle. And be careful when cycling along the tram rails! You don’t want to get stuck between it with your bicycle wheel.

Taking a bicycle with you on a bus or tram
You can take a folded folding bike on trams and buses. A normal bicycle in the bus or tram is not allowed. In the RandstadRail (a certain type of tram), normal bicycles can be taken for free in the evenings and during the weekend.

Taxi’s in The Hague

Calling a moving taxi is not common in the Netherlands. And yes, we have Uber.

Beyond the city: trains

There are different types of trains in the Netherlands: 'stop trains' and 'sprinters' stop at all stations, 'express trains' and 'intercity trains' only stop at the larger stations. The Hague has two large train stations in the center – The Hague Central and The Hague Hollands Spoor – and also a few smaller stations.

If you want to take your bicycle on the train, you can purchase a separate ticket for it. You can use this ticket during non-peak hours and on weekends and public holidays. Plan your journey via the Dutch Railways.