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DJ Rowan Robers

"I'm Rowan Robers, and that's also my stage name, nice and simple. I've been DJing for a few years now and I can be found at various concepts in Leiden, including Kiki Loves Friday, Gebr. de Nobel, Apelek, Team Sowiese and Puur Festival. In addition to DJing, I can also be found on the football field, gym and of course at the bar, because with my ADHD, standing still is not an option!"

"I am very curious what you think of my live set. Unfortunately, the live set is without MC skills, I'll give you a rain check. Yes, ladies, don't worry, because this boy will flood you with the best hits, guilty pleasures and with a touch of escalation!" With his energy content, standing still is virtually impossible and he transforms the pub, club or festival field into a total madhouse.

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