Leiden University, Campus The Hague

The Campus The Hague is the part of Leiden University for university education and scientific research. The campus is located in four different buildings in the center of The Hague. In The Hague, Leiden University offers seventeen courses in various fields. The emphasis is on studies in public administration, (international) law, security, politics and government. Location Wijnhaven, located in the center of the city center, is the vibrant heart of Campus The Hague. The Wijnhaven location covers almost 14,000 square meters of education and research facilities and offers study places with IT facilities, silent workplaces, a library, an information desk and a place for study associations. The university is equipped with all the conveniences you need as a student to be able to carry out your studies and close study activities. Check universiteitleiden.nl/en/the-hague.