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Health insurance in The Netherlands

Health insurance is required for all people who live and work in the Netherlands.

If you are planning to study in The Netherlands, it is recommended to find out how and what medical costs are covered by your own health insurance during your stay abroad. If medical costs are not (sufficiently) covered, you will need to enroll for a Dutch healthcare insurance. This is important because medical costs in the Netherlands are well above average.

A Dutch health insurance is mandatory when you plan to work alongside your study (for example an internship or student job). Then you need to have a Dutch health insurance policy within 4 months after you register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). 

Read more about Dutch health insurance while studying. Or visit and

Student deal

Mind that often your educational institute has special student deals with insurance companies. If this information has not been provided by your university yet, please contact the international office at your university.

Proof of health insurance

Make sure to bring proof of your health insurance to your doctors’ appointment. In case you don’t have a Dutch insurance,  EU health card, Insured to study/AON or OOM insurance, you will have to pay for the consult directly after you’ve visited the doctor.

A regular consult costs around € 30 - € 50. Blood tests, psychological support a.o. cost a lot more. Do not forget to ask for a receipt, as after your visit you can declare these costs at your insurance company.

➢ Unemployed
→ EU student → European Health Card
→ Non EU/EER → Insured to Study/OOM/AON

➢ Employed  
→ All students → Basic Dutch health insurance