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HI The Hague Student Experience at Liberation Festival The Hague

Festival | free | 5 mei 2024 | 12.00 - 20.00 | Malieveld Den Haag |

Get to know The Hague student city beter in the HI The Hague Student Experience at the Hague Liberation Festival! Join the student activities by student organisations, student sports club and higher education institutions. And dance to trendy tracks all day long! Of course for a student price: free!

This is student city The Hague

Come by and check out one of the fun sides of student city The Hague! More than 14 student associations and student organisations make it extra fun with activities such as beer pong, tie pulling and a rowing challenge. Move around in the 360-degree video booth (and immediately share your art on your Insta). And there will be lots of contemporary music to dance to.

DJs, DJs, DJs!

The best student DJs in The Hague perform here! Maybe you already partied during the final of the Student DJ Contest in Paardcaf√©. Winner AFRITUDE will perform on the SENA main stage during the Liberation Festival. And the other fine sets will be coming to you from the DJ Booth in the HI The Hague Student Experience. Don't miss! 

DJ line-up:

  • 12.00 - M.I.A.
  • 13.10 - MUN OZ 
  • 14.20 - WEZZ (winner Student DJ Contest 2023)
  • 15.30 - HALO (winner Student DJ Contest 2022)
  • 16.40 - BEVIUS
  • 17.50 - IKRAM
  • 19.00 - JONNA

See you at the HI The Hague Student Area!
Check out the full program of Bevrijdingsfestival 2024 here.

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The Hague, city of Peace and Justice is the perfect place to celebrate that we are free in the Netherlands and to show support for those who are not (Liberation Festival). The higher education institutions in The Hague want to contribute to this. The theme of freedom not only fits in seamlessly with our education and research, but also affects our students. We therefore want to celebrate peace with students, prospective students and all other interested parties, but also encourage people to think about what peace and freedom mean for everyone.

Last year we asked the mayor, students and board members of higher education institutions in The Hague: what does freedom mean to you? What is Freedom? Why is freedom important?

Meet THUAS, Leiden University Campus The Hague, Inholland The Hague, Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatoir, International Institute of Social Studies, Delft University of Technology Campus The Hague, Tribez, Pelargos, HSV, INTAC, La Crosse, Football Factory, Interaccess, HSSK, The Hague Hornets, STUDAR and Study in The Hague.