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DJ Chris Corboz

"I started DJing at the beginning of my second year of university, with a deep musical background my whole life. Throughout my life, I’ve learned to play guitar, piano, vocals, and bass before learning about DJing. In university, I found an old second-hand Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and quickly rose to the top of the DJs in my university. Playing at all the events and organizing them in my third year as the Head Music Officer of the student life committee of my university. This includes a passage as a resident DJ at Magistrat in the Hague."

"My music is varied to a large extent, catering often to the events, but I play Tech House and House for the most part. I particularly enjoy the blend between pop charts and Tech House or House remixes, feeling they add a party atmosphere that is rather unique. Regardless, the idea is to create a party experience that event-goers will enjoy. On top of this, my passion is music production, as I am currently working on several remixes and original compositions."

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