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The Hague Chamber of Associations

The Hague Chamber of Associations (HKvV) is here for all students in The Hague. This umbrella association, of which all student associations in The Hague are members, represents the associations and looks after their interests with the municipality and the educational institutions.

For student city The Hague

The vision of the HKvV is to make student and association life in The Hague as vibrant as possible. Among other things by connecting: improving and helping to facilitate the contacts and cooperation between the associations themselves and with the parties involved. In this way, the HKvV contributes to the development of student city The Hague and to the student experience in The Hague in general.

Student board

At the moment, the board of the HKvV consists of three board members: Milou Braakhuis (chair), Pepijn van Kouwenhoven (treasurer) and Quintijn Vandepoel (internal assessor).


  • There are 15 associations affiliated with the HKvV, which together have more than 1300 members.
  • In-depth research is being done into themes such as student well-being, including in the area of ​​student association housing, mental health, alcohol and drugs.
  • In addition, there is focus on streamlining the protocol of the introduction weeks for student associations.
  • Plans for the near future: actions for an increasingly safer, more connected The Hague.

For students

We want to unite more. That is why we, in this start-up phase, collect signals from students via student associations. Do you want to share something with the HKvV? Send an email to