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Study in The Hague

If you study in The Hague, you make the difference. This is where you can achieve your ambition and commit to a bright future and a better world. The Hague proudly carries the title "international city of peace and justice". With the presence of king, government, international courts, embassies and international companies, The Hague has a great international reputation. If you choose The Hague, you choose top education in a city where you will find a unique combination of serious and fun.

Study in a versatile and dynamic city

The Hague offers a wide range of attractive studies with an international character. You broaden your view of the world and will build a large international network. And at the same time, The Hague is also a compact city, where everything is only a short distance apart. Another unique feature is the close relationship between education, business and government. Thanks to the versatility of the city, you can immediately put into practice what you learn during your studies.

Focused on a bright future

Even after your studies, The Hague offers you a unique mix of opportunities and possibilities. Many leading organizations consciously choose The Hague. Because here you can exert influence, expand your network and enter into interesting collaborations. Get started with a multinational, an international organization or a creative startup. Or will you start an independent business after your studies?

Learn and live

In addition to study and career, The Hague is also a city to live in. Come to the green city behind the dunes. Discover how everything in a big city can be so close. Living, working, leisure, sports and of course a study with perspective; welcome to The Hague!