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Depending on your study, you will do one or more internships to gain knowledge and experience relevant to your study programme. The number of internships, the assignments you do and the duration of this experience differ per study. But always with this goal: to put your acquired knowledge into practice and to introduce you to the professional field!


Finding an internship shouldn’t be too difficult in a city like The Hague. The city houses many different kinds of ngo's and (governmental) organisations such as embassies, multinationals and other international organisations. You might need to take out a Dutch health insurance before starting an intership. Read more about working during your studies on

Find an internship

The fastest and easiest way to find an internship vacancy is via an internet search engine. Do you understand a little bit of Dutch? Then try Nationale or If you know what you want, contact the organisation you have in mind directly. Of course you can also seek help and advice from your study program.