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"I'm a student and I need help"

There is all kinds of support for you as a student in The Hague, for example financial advice and legal advice. But who can help you with what? We have listed a number of (free) services in The Hague for you. Because studying can be expensive and all other costs are also rising due to inflation.

You have probably already read this page about financing your studies. Do you have trouble paying your bills, do you need extra assistance due to high energy costs, are you looking for help with debt and loans, do you find it difficult to understand a letter or contract properly or don't you have enough money for groceries?

Go directly to:

Do you feel unsafe?

Contact the police via telephone numbers 0800-8844 or 112 (urgent). Not urgent or is it study related? Then you can also contact a confidant at your educational institution or student association.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for these pages about financial and legal advice, groceries and/or health? Mail to